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Introduction to the characteristics of the atmosphere furnace

Time:2021-08-12 13:54
    As we all know, the atmosphere box furnace is the choice for the daily application of the laboratory. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of the atmosphere furnace of Nuotai Technology.
Atmosphere furnace manufacturer
Features of Atmosphere Furnace:
1. The highest temperature is 1700℃.
2. Double-sided heating by ceramic heating plate (three-sided heating is optional) to improve the uniformity of the temperature field.
3. The ceramic heating plate is embedded with electric heating wire to prevent the pollution from volatilization and splashing, and it is easy to replace.
4. Adopt vacuum reinforced ceramic fiber module.
5. The sealed furnace shell structure improves the heat treatment process atmosphere.
6. Furnace shell made of carbon steel, surface treatment.
7. The double-layer furnace shell structure reduces the temperature of the shell.
8. The furnace door is open on the side of the furnace door (try to avoid the operator's exposure to high temperatures).
9. There is an adjustable air inlet at the bottom, and a flow meter controls the gas volume (to enter the process atmosphere).
10. The back wall of the furnace is equipped with an exhaust port, exhaust valve, and optional exhaust gas treatment.
11. The heating operation noise is reduced, and the temperature is controlled by solid-state relays or thyristors.
12. The temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment technology, has PID adjustment, self-tuning functions, and 30-stage temperature rise and fall procedures.
13. The over-temperature protection limiter, the temperature control meter adjusts the cut-off temperature to prevent the electric furnace and the workpiece from over-temperature.
14. When the door is opened, the heating power is automatically cut off to improve the safety of operation.
15. The touch screen can be configured for process control and recording.


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