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How does the vacuum furnace work?

Time:2021-09-02 17:33
Today I will give you a brief talk about how the vacuum furnace works?
vacuum furnace
     In the vacuum furnace, the workpiece is heated, and the vacuum pump is responsible for generating a gas environment with low oxygen content, which prevents oxidation of the workpiece. Different vacuum furnace types have different effects of vacuum. In the vacuum sintering furnace, the vacuum can improve the surface quality of the workpiece and realize the debonding process. In the vacuum brazing furnace, the vacuum can produce degassing effect, thereby improving the hardness and quality of the weld. As for vacuum hardening, vacuum can prevent deformation, which can also improve the surface quality. Another advantage of this process is that it can be nitrided directly after the hardening process. For each process, it is necessary to reach the process pressure within a defined time. The short time spent here helps the economy. Not only that, the evacuation process also has an important role in removing undesirable substances (such as hydrogen).
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