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Matters needing attention when using high temperature resistance furnace indoors

Time:2021-05-10 13:15
Today, I will share with you the things you must pay attention to when using high-temperature resistance furnaces indoors.
   One, the process before work
   1. Check whether the furnace is clean, clean up debris, and ensure that the furnace is clean.
  2. Check the furnace wall and the furnace floor for cracks and other damages.
   3. The installation and tightening of resistance wire and thermocouple lead rod, check whether the meter is normal.
   4. Check whether the door switch of the high temperature resistance furnace is flexible.
   5. After ensuring that everything is normal, start to put the workpiece.
   2. Process at work
   1. Make sure that the power is off when placing the workpiece.
   2. Handle with care to avoid damaging electric heating elements, furnace floor, etc.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to put wet workpieces. The workpiece heated in the furnace and the electric heating element should be kept at a distance of 50-70mm; the workpieces should be placed neatly and should not be stacked too high to avoid damage to the thermowell.
  4. Check various instruments and instruments during work, and repair them in time if there is any abnormality.
  5. When the furnace temperature is above 700℃, it is not allowed to open the furnace door to cool down or out of the furnace, so as not to shorten the life of the high temperature resistance furnace due to sudden cooling.
   Three, the process after work
   1. Cut off the power supply.
   2. Handle the workpiece with care and make sure not to damage the furnace body and the workpiece.
  3. Reinstall the furnace and repeat the above procedure.
   4. Clean up the debris in the high-temperature resistance furnace to ensure it is clean.
   5. Pay attention to daily maintenance work.
   6. Pay attention to indoor air circulation.
   If there is any demand for the use of high temperature resistance furnace, please consult Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology!


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