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Advantages and disadvantages of decomposing tube furnace

Time:2020-11-20 10:47
    Tube furnaces are mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium battery positive and negative materials, new energy, abrasive tools and other industries to measure data under certain atmospheric conditions. Has the following advantages and disadvantages


    mature skills; simple furnace structure; simple operation and easy control; advantages and disadvantages can be continuously produced; high yield of ethylene and propylene, high product concentration; low power consumption, high thermal efficiency of decomposition tube furnace; cracked gas and Most of the flue gas can be recovered; the scope of application of the material is gradually expanded with the advancement of cracking technology; it can be combined with multiple furnaces and produced on a large scale.


 (1) Applicability to heavy materials has certain limits

 When cracking heavy materials, because the heavy materials are simply coking, the work cycle has to be shortened, the cracking depth is reduced, and the coking is often light, which shortens the useful production time throughout the year and also affects the life of the cracking furnace and furnace tubes. When the result of lowering the cracking depth, the utilization rate of raw materials is not high, and the quantity of low-value products such as heavy oil is large.

 (2) According to the technical requirements of high temperature, short residence time and low hydrocarbon partial pressure, the external thermal strength of the furnace tube will inevitably be increased, which requires oil-resistant high-temperature alloy pipes and cast pipe skills.


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