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Introduction to the core principle of air pressure sintering furnace

Time:2021-08-26 13:24
    The air pressure sintering furnace is a furnace that uses induction heating to protect the heated objects. It can be divided into power frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency and other types, and can be classified as a subcategory of sintering furnace. Pneumatic sintering furnace is a complete set of equipment for sintering cemented carbide tips and various metal powder compacts under vacuum or protective atmosphere conditions using the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating. It is a complete set of equipment for cemented carbide, dysprosium metal, and ceramic materials. Designed for industrial production.
    Taking steel as an example, in order to obtain certain workpiece characteristics, steel materials need to be heat treated to change the crystal structure and achieve the required physical properties. However, after the steel material is sintered in the sintering furnace, due to the limited cooling rate of the cooling technology of the sintering furnace in the prior art, rapid cooling cannot be achieved, and therefore cannot meet the requirements of rapid cooling in the heat treatment. Therefore, when the steel material completes the sintering process, It needs to be transferred to a heat treatment furnace for heat treatment. Since the sintering furnace needs to wait for the cooling of the material after the sintering is completed, the time required for production is increased. After the cooling is completed, it is transferred to the heat treatment furnace, which increases the production process and leads to low production efficiency. In addition, the materials in the sintering furnace are cooled from a high temperature and transferred to the heat treatment furnace to be reheated, resulting in a waste of energy.


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