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Vacuum atmosphere furnace product introduction

Time:2021-09-09 17:12
Today I will give you a brief introduction to the vacuum atmosphere furnace:
     The vacuum atmosphere furnace produced by Nuotai Technology uses high-quality silicon carbide rods as the heating element, adopts a double-layer shell structure and a 30-segment program temperature control system, phase-shifting trigger, and thyristor control. The atmosphere furnace uses aluminum oxide polycrystalline fiber. Material, the atmosphere furnace is equipped with an air-cooled system between the double-layer furnace shells, which can quickly rise and fall in temperature. The shell is sealed as a whole, and the cover is sealed with silica gel mud. The furnace door is equipped with a water cooling system and a silica gel pad, which is controlled by a float flowmeter. Inlet flow rate, the furnace has the advantages of balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, and energy saving. It is a special equipment for universities, scientific research institutes, and industrial and mining enterprises for high-temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction, and CVD experiments.
vacuum atmosphere furnace


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