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Box type sintering oven-Encyclopedia

Time:2024-02-19 17:50

The box type sintering oven is a thermal treatment equipment for sintering all kinds of powder materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, ceramics, chemical industry, electronics and other industries. It uses high temperature furnaces and heating elements. By accurately control the temperature and time, the powder material reacts with thermal chemical reactions at high temperature to form a sturdy sarcasm.

The application field of box type sintering ovens
The application field of box type sintering ovens

1. The structure and working principle of the box -type sintering oven:

① Closed box: The box -type sintering oven adopts a closed box structure with heating elements, heat insulation and sintering rooms inside. Boxes are usually made of high -temperature -resistant materials, such as steel plates and ceramic fibers.
② Heating element: The resistance wire, electric heating board or other heating elements are set in the furnace.
③ Temperature control system: Equipped with excellent temperature control system, including temperature sensors, controllers and feedback mechanisms to ensure precise control of the temperature of the indoor temperature.
④ The insulation layer: The inner wall of the furnace cavity uses high -temperature insulation materials, such as ceramic fiber, refractory tiles, etc., to reduce energy loss and ensure the stability of the temperature of the indoor indoor.

2. Application of box -type sintering ovens:

① Ceramic sintering: The box -type sintering oven is widely used in the sintering process of ceramic materials. Through high temperature heat treatment, ceramic powder sinters sinters into solid ceramic products, such as ceramic tiles, ceramic utensils, etc.
② Powder Metallurgical: For powder metallurgical process, metal powder sinters sintering into blocks or dense metal parts at high temperatures, such as car engine parts, aviation engine blades, etc.
③ Ceramic electronic component manufacturing: used to manufacture ceramic electronic components, such as ceramic capacitors, ceramic resistors, etc., to achieve the density and molding of ceramic materials at high temperatures.
④ Ceramic coating sintering: It is used for sintering and solidification of ceramic coating, and the ceramic coating is fixed on the surface of the substrate to improve the adhesion and abrasion resistance of the coating.

More commonly used box -type sintering stoves (click to produce product details)
More commonly used box type sintering stoves (click to produce product details)

3. The characteristics and advantages of box -type sintering ovens:

① High temperature stability: The box -type sintering oven can provide a stable high temperature environment and meet the requirements of high temperature for sintering technology.
② Accurate temperature control: The advanced temperature control system ensures precise control of the temperature of the indoor indoor, and meets the requirements of different material sintering processes.
③ Multifunctional: box -type sintering oven can be used for multiple processes, suitable for sintering processing of various materials such as ceramics, metals.
④ Well sealing: The sintering chamber is well sealed, which can provide anaerobic or low oxygen environment, which is suitable for some sintering processes with higher requirements for the atmosphere.

4. Precautions of the box -type sintering oven during the Warriors:

① Use and maintenance: Correct operation and regular maintenance need to be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
② Safety: Pay attention to safety during high temperature operations. Users should be familiar with the safety regulations of the stove and take necessary safety measures.

Large car cars high -temperature sagging ovens (click the picture to view product details)
Large car cars high temperature sagging ovens (click the picture to view product details)

5. Summary

In general, the use of box -type sintering stoves is widely used and can be used to prepare powder materials such as ceramics, metallurgy, electronics and other industries, such as ceramic capacitors, ceramic filters, piezoelectric ceramics, magnetic materials, electronic ceramics, etc. Essence At the same time, it can also be used to prepare metal powder, alloy powder, composite materials, etc. It is a flexible and reliable sintering equipment that provides important support for the production of various industries. Click to learn more boxed sintering oven! Or click on online customer service to learn more about product details!


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